As we celebrate the end of another successful year, we want to thank you for being a part of the transformational journey that has brought us into 2017 full of enthusiasm and inspiration! 2016 was a very exciting time for CSI.  It was a year marked by tremendous growth with new clients, offices, destinations, vendor partners, and employees. We had the opportunity to further strengthen our local teams in Texas, Nashville, and Chicago, allowing us to provide a fresh, yet experienced perspective in those markets.  We aligned ourselves strategically with the operational expertise of Chrysalis Events Hawaii, allowing us to bring together our collective best practices and resources in a union that is CSI Hawaii.   We have expanded our Creative Services team twofold in order to best deliver well-crafted and memorable experiences in every destination.  With the continued trust of our clients – some relationships spanning over a decade – our CSI team across the USA, including the offices of Miami, Orlando, and Washington, DC, continues to develop and execute exceptional experiences to wherever our clients have evolved their programs.  We have built an ever-growing knowledge-base of destinations such as San Diego, San Francisco, Toronto, Aruba, Scottsdale, Seattle, and London where clients can enjoy the highest level of service they have come to expect when working with CSI.

With the immense growth and change that swirled in 2016, it was also a year of learning, gaining valuable inspiration from new places and new people, and re-connecting to our core values of consistency, accountability, creativity, commitment, and continuity. We have recognized the need to remain true to each of our destinations’ unique flair and style, while maintaining the underlining CSI brand of excellence in service and execution.  Though we will never stop evolving, the past year has been a significant one, as we are now poised to succeed on a grander scale.  We’ve come a long way since our 1987 founding on Capitol Hill and we hope you continue to join us in our future adventures as CSI Turns 30!