After having a productive and insightful All Staff Meeting in Fort Lauderdale a few weeks ago, we wanted to share a few suggestions on how to have a successful company meeting. Sometimes these meetings can be intellectually taxing so follow our tips and tricks on helpful ways to make the most of your internal meetings as well as staying bright eyed and bushy tailed!

Have a group of individuals that oversee the majority of the meeting and plan in advance all the necessary items that need to be included. Make an outline of key topics and goals you hope to achieve from this meeting then brainstorm ways to reach these clear objectives. Create deadlines for yourself and your team and reach out to the necessary hotels, vendors, etc.for any of their needs. If you have already conducted a similar meeting in the past and have survey results from that meeting on what attendees want to see, make sure to review and include this feedback for your next meeting! Stay organized and on track!


Be thoughtful on the type of meetings you have. Is it more effective to have guest or key note speakers? What about collaborative sessions split up into smaller teams versus the whole company in one main discussion? Find what works best for your company and its goals. Stay on track with the specified timing starting and ending when noted to keep team morale high.


At the end of the day, this meeting is about bringing your company together to show how all their efforts make such a positive impact. It is about explaining how the company has grown and what you are moving towards. The employees of any company make this happen so celebrate them! Make sure they feel appreciated and respected as valuable assets to the team.


When the meeting is complete and everyone is back to running their daily tasks be sure to send a survey follow up to gather as much information about the success of the meeting so as to improve and learn for next year’s.

We are so proud of every single one of our colleagues for their continuous efforts to make every piece of our events exceptional. In our All Staff Meeting that we dubbed ‘CSI Connects,’ we took time to note specific accomplishments and goals. Below is a list of the awards winners – congrats team!


Business Development: Carrie Heiden, Leigh Trance, Lynda Baum, Brian Whitt, Cara Pratt, Micayla Diener, Cheri Secue

Account Management: Maggie Hogan, Lyndsey Martinelli, Anette Udziela-Hawks, Cassie Delisle

Event Management: Cassie Delisle, Patrick Hainline, Jean Thomae, Andrea Hess, Elisa Smith, Josh McIntyre, Younes Dahlek, Ainsley Onstott

Creative Services: Melis Feingold, Madison Galligan, Michelle Sinofsky, Baptiste Fruchart, Tabetha Steinberg, Sarah Peterson, Madison Galligan, Nathan Shults, Jackie Curran, Lindsay Routt, Emily Schneider, Amy Major, Jamie Armistead 


2018 Top Client Satisfaction 

Rachel Sieracke, Christine Schroyer, Younes Dahlek, Stephanie Pate, Sean Williams, Josh McIntyre, Joe Souza, Devyn Facchetti, Heidi Baker, Morgan Thaney, Kayla Branstiter, Theresa Mervine, Ashley Arnal

2018 CSI Century Club Awards 

Cassie Delisle, Lindsey Scheider, Jean Thomae, Annette Udziela-Hawks, Brittany Adams, Rachel Strauss, Micayla Diener, Rob Lutz, Maggie Hogan

2018 Regional Sales Producer of the Year 

Lindsey Schneider, Annette Udziela-Hawks, Brittany Adams, Cara Pratt, Micayla Diner, Alisa Caldwell, Theresa Mervine, Maggie Hogan

2018 Regional Growth Manager of the Year  

Andrea Hess, Younes Dahlek, Josh McIntyre, Ainsley Onstott, Brittany Baugh, Morgan Thaney, Kayla Branstiter, Elisa Smith


2019 Leading Innovator Award goes to Rachel Strauss!

2019 Unsung Hero goes to Anna Geer and Jaclyn Carlisto Harris

2019 Jill McGregor Founders Award goes to Sue Jeon!

Like any company, we wouldn’t be where we are today if it weren’t for every single person on our team so we want to take a moment to thank them all…THANK YOU FOR ALL THAT YOU DO!!