Working in the destination and events management business, we are constantly trying to find new and innovative spaces where we can host events for our clients. We work to stay up to date with new building spaces and renovations in our respective locations, and we keep in contact with corresponding sales representatives to schedule site visits, build relationships, and get all our important questions answered.

There are so many questions to ask on a site visit and all can be tailored to the specific space, but below are some essentials to ask in order to leave a site visit with a comprehensive understanding of what the space can offer you and your client. The more questions you ask and the more information you obtain, the better it is when selling this space to decision makers and when transforming the space to convey a suggested concept.


  • What are both the seated and reception capacities for this space?
  • What type of events can be hosted here? (fundraisers, political, social, weddings, corporate)


  • Do you have a preferred caterer or can we use our own?
  • Do you have any preferred vendors or can we use our own?
  • Do you have items offered in-house such as linens, tables, etc. that we can use?


  • Is there WiFi? Are there any additional fees associated with this?
  • Do you have any AV (audio visual) inclusions and restrictions? Circuits? Amps?
  • What branding opportunities are available at your location?
  • Do you have music performance licenses?
  • Are there any noise restrictions? Timing and decibel level?


  • Where can buses load and unload? How many vehicles can load and unload? Can we stage vehicles here?
  • When can we begin set-up and what is the latest we need to have everything broken down post-event?
  • Do you have storage spaces?
  • Do you have a liquor license?
  • What parking options are available?
  • Are there any restrictions we need to know about? For example, red wine, pinning things to walls, etc.
  • What are security requirements for staff and guests?
  • Where are your rigging points and how many do you have?

Questions are key!