We all know the importance of ensuring every necessary question is answered before planning an event to allow for a smooth and steady operation and execution. However, sometimes there are so many components to discuss that we forget the most critical questions that can help excel the planning process and allow things to move more efficiently and happily for all team players.

Aside from the basic necessary questions that consist of size of event, budget, location, date and timing etc. let’s get down to the nitty gritty.

Cost Efficient Business

– We make sure to ask our clients where they mainly want to spend their money so we can best prioritize different elements. For example, what aspects of the event do they want to stand out the most? Is it entertainment, florals, linens?  If a client wants to focus more on food selection and display, we may suggest less expensive linens that act as a blank canvas for the beautiful showcase of high-end cuisine.

Communication Is Key

– It is important to know our clients most preferred method of communication so we can ensure appropriate information is always conveyed and at the client’s convenience.

– Along with this we need to know who the final decision maker is so that we know who to contact for crucial decision-making especially during tight deadlines.

Absolute No-no’s

– What do you not like? What do you not want to see? The last thing we want is to work hours on a concept that clients may not love or have done in previous years.  Instead of heading back to the drawing board with our vendors and creative team, its best to get all the ‘absolute no’s’ out in the open up front.

We’re Here For You

– We want to make our clients look the best that they can, so answering the simple question, “how can we make you look your best” can jump start the planning process. We can perform our best knowing how to make your leadership and entire team as happy as possible. Is there a specific image or message that needs to be delivered to attendees?

– When possible, we ask personal yet appropriate questions of the client so that we can learn more about them and their guests, thus creating more thoughtful gifts and concepts for them during the process.

– Lastly, are there any VIPs that we need to pay special attention to onsite? Though we treat every guest as a VIP, knowing about any executives, celebrities, or other special circumstances ahead of time enables us to further ensure overall satisfaction.

At the end of the day, the more specific we can get and the more questions we have answered the easier it is for us to do our job effectively and successfully to ensure everyone is impressed and comes back for more!