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First and foremost, wine is a personal experience that should be enjoyed! From casual barbeques to high level events, there is a wine for every palate. Have you ever been in a situation where you’ve wondered what wine with which food? Been caught a little unprepared or not sure the best accompaniment? There are plenty of great options that are not expensive yet make great choices. At CSI we love to help clients match wines in budget with great food choices and are always learning about new varietals and offerings. Big on the scene today are organic and ethically sourced wines. While we are observant of trends, great wine can be sourced from all over the world and we’ll work with you to find your perfect match. Some of the “typical” wine varieties you can trust for events are below.

Chardonnay (White)

Chardonnay can vary in its buttery finish but is a good option for dishes with heavier sauces, to balance them out. Great with most seafood, popular with turkey too.

Sauvignon Blanc (White)

If dealing with tart or tangy flavors or sauces, a glass of Sauvignon Blanc will offer balance to the meal. A popular wine for receptions when reaching for something other than a Chardonnay.

Pinot Grigio (White)

Sometimes acidic, often crisp, keep food with this wine on the lighter side, think white fish or pasta with light sauces.

Moscato (White)

Enjoy it cold, taste the fruits and enjoy with berries, pears or even apple pie.

Rosé (White/Red)

Rose wine – served very cold – is often a great option in warmer months. It often provides the acidity of white wine balanced with a fruity touch from red wine. Another great way to enjoy – with soft cheese. It does not overpower more subtle cheeses and allows their delicacy, and also helps to bring forward the flavor of nuttier, richer varieties.

Pinot Noir (Red)

Typically a light-bodied wine, it goes well with earthy flavors and is often an excellent choice any time of the year with broad appeal. Doesn’t tend to overpower foods.

Malbec (Red)

Malbec’s range a lot; to some degree it depends on where the grapes are sourced. Sometimes spicy, occasionally fruity, they are typically flavorful and match well with spicy food and mid to full flavored meals. The perfect touch with Thai food and BBQ!

Cabernet Sauvignon (Red)

Often touted as the king of the heavier red wines, it pairs well with equally heavy dishes like steak, lamb, and often suits the palate with a good burger.

Syrah (Red)

Big, bold and full of flavor, a glass of Syrah will often provide a match to heavily seasoned or spicy foods and game meats.