Last week, the CSI DMC team came up with their New Year “burning question” for a client and imagined how the dialogue might go.

Great questions about events were asked, like “When are you planning to return to in-person meetings?” and “Will you be traveling this year?” Some sweet questions also popped up, like “What was your silver lining from 2020?” and “What is your favorite dog breed?”

And then these folks turned up…


Maureen Carter’s burning question for a client: “What do you miss about in-person meetings?”

Client response, “When the meeting is over, and we are at the bar celebrating with Manhattan’s!

Maureen’s response to the client, “Yes, please. The same here!

Stephen Montano’s burning question for the client (while working from home):

“Is your spouse ready to strangle you?”

Client response, “Oh, Yes!”

Stephen’s response to the client, “Our spouses must know each other!”

Sari Hill’s burning question for the client: “Are you done staring at yourself on Zoom calls and thinking about what/how you should change your appearance?

Client response, “Yes! I can only cut and dye my hair so many times this year!”

Sari’s response to the client, “I want to buy a chin strap off Amazon that will supposedly get rid of my double chin…that is how much I am “done” with staring at myself on Zoom calls!

It is going to be a great year with this fun-loving group!