Shout out to our amazing employees who continue to shine at CSI showcasing their commitment, creativity, and collaboration!
Michelle Sinofsky from our headquarters in Washington, DC was recently promoted to Creative Services Manager. When asking Michelle her favorite memory at CSI to date she explains that,
“The memory that stands out the most is the launch of our augmented reality enabled business cards. Between research, design, and development, it was a long process but so worth it. The production timeline required doing a good amount of the work while traveling. I remember staying up to work on it in both Banff National Park and on the beach in Florida. The AR feature was kept under wraps until IMEX. Not even our staff was in on it, which made for a really fun reveal!”
Kayla Branstiter from our Texas office has been promoted to Senior Event Manager! Excited to take on this role, Kayla reflects on one of her favorite experiences at CSI. “It has to do with a VW bus that was turned into a photo booth that we then contracted for an event. In order for the fire marshall to allow us to load in the vehicle, we had to push it into the freight elevator, and then PUSH it all the way from the freight elevator to the ballroom. We were not allowed to start the engine for any reason. This was back of house, so there were all kinds of dishes, food, people and obstacles in the way. We had the driver steering his best and all of us, including the event staff, pushing this VW bus yelling to watch out! It was such a sight to see. Thankfully at the conclusion of the event, we were allowed to start up the engine and our vendor drove the vehicle right out of the ballroom. It was one of my most memorable events to date due to the laughs and teamwork!”
Thank you to both Michelle and Kayla for everything you do! CSI wouldn’t be where we are today without your tremendous efforts!