Congratulations to Brittany Adams for her recent promotion to Associate Director of Sales in our South Florida office! We appreciate all of her Brittany’s incredible work so far, for further details read her press release here!

One of Brittany’s favorite things about CSI is the level of support, understanding, and flexibility they offer their team members. Brittany explains, “as a working Mom, I couldn’t be more appreciative of the support I receive which allows me to be there for my family and also grow professionally. They really want us to focus on our work-life balance and well being, and it’s very refreshing!” Brittany also reflects on some of her best memories at CSI including our All Hands Meetings and office get-togethers, where all of our offices get an opportunity to spend time with one another. She enjoys, “getting to know the people in our other destinations better, considering how much we communicate via email and phone.”

Congrats Brittany, we are so proud of you!