As a group of creative professionals, CSI DMC finds importance in crafting a new, temporary normal in this time of unsettling change, where most of us are working from our home offices. Here we explore different ways to enhance our work from home experience to keep each other focused, productive and motivated, and in turn craft memorable experiences for our clients.

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Set the Mood

Get started off on the right foot! A great way to set the tone for the workday and switch your mind to its business setting is going about your standard morning routine as if you were headed to the office. This doesn’t mean you have to throw on your dress pants and heels, but routine things like washing your face, brushing your hair, and changing out of pajamas helps to get you awake and ready for the rush of morning catch up emails. Do you normally make a cup of coffee or tea when you get to the office? Do that at home too! Brain foods like blueberries, almonds, and avocado are great to munch on throughout the morning to keep you focused and lively.

Take Pride in Your Workspace

Create a work environment that is pleasant to you! Finding a way to make your workspace a little homier and appealing will make your day more productive and enjoyable. The scent around you can be a game-changer; invest in a candle or air diffuser with a scent you love. Looking for something to enhance your focus? Try peppermint, eucalyptus or ginger. Scents like lavender and rosemary also help relieve headaches so consider all options. If you are used to a little background noise in the office, try light background music or an uplifting podcast. Creating an environment that is comfortable and that you enjoy sets the tone for your entire day.

Reset When Needed

Outside diversions (pets, dirty dishes, roommates, etc.) tend to create a distraction that can cause stress. Taking a five-minute break to reset and refocus in times like this is important. Try opening a window or going for a 10-minute walk for some fresh air, a little vitamin D, and a slight change of scenery. A quick yoga flow or meditation might do the trick for you- there are plenty of online tools to follow along with! Find something that helps you reset and refocus when needed but avoid scrolling on social media to reset in an attempt to give your eyes a break from staring at a screen.

Stay in Touch

Many studies have discussed the importance of human interaction during this time of quarantine, and how something as simple as hearing another person’s voice can change your mood. If you typically catch up with colleagues every morning in the office, make a 5-minute phone call to say hello and ask how your coworkers are doing. Try a virtual office happy hour! Everyone can make their favorite cocktail or pour their favorite wine or beer during a weekly catch up.  A video call with a client is also a great option during this time when we cannot have face-to-face meetings. Keep in touch with one another while working remotely!

While the discussion about working from home is hot right now, and at times it is tough and mundane, this is a great period to master your work from home techniques for when we are all back to our standard routines. Shout out and thank you to our Nashville creative services team for providing our community and clients with these helpful tips to remain productive, focused and motivated!