Welcome to this month’s edition of #CSIExperiences where we will delve deep into one of the festivities that occurred at the Library of Congress in Washington D.C. this year.

Mixing new technologies with historic and patriotic themes, this annual celebration for team members and their guests in 2018 came to Washington, DC for several nights of events and tours in the Nation’s Capital. For one specific night, at the Library of Congress, CSI created a DC chic event series that was too cool for old school utilizing new technologies and non-stop entertainment, ensuring the event would be memorable to attendees for years to come.

To achieve this guests were welcomed to the Library of Congress, our nation’s oldest federal cultural institution and largest library in the world. This historic venue covered in exquisite white marble from floor to ceiling still serves as a research facility to the United States Congress.

Guests experienced an after-hours buyout where the initial interior displayed over-sized, fresh cherry blossoms that mimicked the infamous cherry blossoms surrounding the tidal basin at the National Mall, as well as elegant linens to mimic the prestige and grandeur of the Library of Congress. The classic architecture of the event space heavily featured historic characters, and CSI additionally addressed the city’s history and culture with thematic décor and catering. This included three custom built LED screens that were fitted to the historic marble arches of the venues arcades. These screens alternated featuring black and white stills of local DC monuments and statuary, with energetic galaxy displays and abstract motifs. Additionally, the rich tones of the library’s murals were enhanced with classic federalist furniture with contemporary accents. Lucite highboys with crystal chandeliers were suspended inside and mirrored buffet tables that reflected the stunning plaster work and friezes of the venue. Catering was customized to include modern remixes of presidential favorite foods and artisan provisions from the mid-Atlantic region.

Guest marveled at the one-of-a-kind projection mapping and over-sized LED screens that brought additional contemporary DC sights to the event space, changing throughout the night with the rhythms of the onsite DJ emulator, who kept the crowd roaring with her vibrant beats. Each guest additionally received an LED bracelet that synchronized with the music, blinking in lighting that matched the musical tones. A troupe of Presidential impersonators and Secret Service also graced this event this evening. These acts rotated on and off the stage through the night, showcasing their alter egos in an astounding and engaging performance that blended history with whit and whimsy. Bill Clinton and his alter ego sang Elvis, Trump and his doppelganger did a break dance, and Obama had a basketball shootout with guests on the upper level with branded gaming spaces and photo booths. These fully branded gaming stations on the upper colonnade also included bartenders dressed in 1776-era wigs with fun loving American flag glitter vests. Adding to this evening of surprises, silhouette artists provided custom art gifts for guests, similar to items that could be found at the Library of Congress’s collections.

This event perfectly addressed the client’s goals of mixing the old with the new and creating a juxtaposition of historic and innovative technologies. CSI worked diligently to showcase new and unusual interpretations of DC entertainment themes with cutting-edge technology, and fun-loving entertainment keeping smiles on everyone’s faces all night long.

Stay tuned to see more successful events CSI has designed and executed. Continue to explore more and let us know how we may help you with your next program! #CSIExperiences