Our collaborative, creative, and committed team consistently works to execute innovative and exciting events for our clients. Through our unwavering hard work we have had the honor of receiving numerous awards such as the ADMEI Excellence Award, Finalist of the 2017 Stella Award, Finalist of the 2016 ADME Achievement Award, and many more.

One event in particular warrants a special highlight for its creative, efficient, and applauded execution – our “Grace Hopper Celebration” at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, FL in 2018. This event involved young, technology-driven female entrepreneurs who came together to honor Grace Hopper, a noteworthy computer scientist. The event theme was based around a neon-light fueled dance party with every notion of the event displaying millennial vibes. Features included guests personalizing the music they listened to, cheering for their favorite battling DJ, reveling in the interactive gaming elements and black light visuals, and watching an LED light spinner wound their way across the dancefloor engaging and encouraging guests to join in on all the fun!

There were numerous areas for customization throughout the evening such as multiple body painting stations and a headset disco where guests could choose their own musical stations and dance beneath a truss strung with glittering disco balls. The constant blend of tech-savvy features and an emphasis on music allowed guests to experience full energy and enjoyment every minute of the evening. Attached are some images highlighting the key features of this vibrant event.

Stay tuned each month to see more successful events CSI has designed and executed. Continue to explore more and let us know how we may help you with your next program! #CSIExperiences