Starting our 2019 #CSIExperiences is a fantastic site inspection we were able to execute for a client in Dallas, Texas! No stranger to large-format events, the client for this function had elected Texas as their preferred destination for their 2019 customer conference, an annual event that rotated through cities across the nation. They would be bringing their guests from all over the United States for a multi-day meeting and experience and would require an in-city planner to assist with executing events both on and off-site for their 2,000 attendees. CSI DMC was requested to put together a proposal of event designs that would not only feature the offerings of the Dallas area but would celebrate the company’s history and its partnerships. The themes we provided for on and offsite events would need to focus on company history specifically, and acknowledge the product lines that would be featured at the conference. One unique challenge to the events that the client required was that their final event, the piece de resistance of the entire program, would need to utilize two event spaces: a dining room for the guests, and an after-party concert on the other side of the convention center floor. Both rooms’ experiences needed to tie together thematically and the client wished to see what was possible when they met with us.

With this information in hand, we wanted to showcase our versatility in the limited window of time available for the site visit. As the client would be occupied during the morning, we asked to host the client for an off-site meeting and dinner experience, incorporating the requests for off-site arrangements and thematic experiences all at once. Of these themes designed for the meeting, one was chosen to be highlighted on the site visit: The Golden Eagle.

The Golden Eagle site experience began as soon as the client’s emerged from their meeting at the hotel. A private vehicle, with the company’s branded wheels, had been arranged, and a waiter presented refreshments on a tire embellished tray. As the doors to the vehicle swung open, the guests noted the custom cling branding throughout the vehicle. Driving a short distance to the offsite dinner location (one of the options included in the client proposal), guests were greeted by venue staff and additional CSI representatives, before entering the site meeting space. As the finale event for the conference needed to incorporate two unique spaces, the meeting space was designed to highlight the after-party theme concept of the Golden Eagle night: a rock and roll show takeover of a mechanic’s garage, with the company’s signature product, Golden Eagle tires. The after-party theme at the hotel would include the same design elements featured at the site meeting: large wooden communal tables with soldered metal bases, oversized neon biker signs, vintage collectibles from the client, metal-cast vehicle parts, signature tires, and miniature replicas of their aircraft. Incorporating the history of the company, and the rock-n-roll elements, Fender guitar pick tables would be the centerpieces of the lounges, filled with memorabilia from the client’s history, and unique branded elements from their decades in business. Each guest received a branded VIP backstage pass once seated for the site presentation, furthering the musical theme, before being greeted by the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders. We composed and performed a cheer with the fanfare of the famous entertainers, before presenting the bound proposals in a custom branded toolbox for the client. After the presentation, the second event space was revealed, a Golden Eagle inspired dining room. This space’s rich metallic tones were incorporated in the centerpieces, linen, chairs, and custom embossed menus, all of which would be included in the onsite hotel dinner design for the grand finale event. Silver service presentation of the dinner followed, with the Chef welcoming guests to his namesake establishment. Desserts were adorned with chocolate replicas of Hermes’ winged sandals, another client branding element that could be featured for the program, before the evening site visit closed with the guests being whisked back to their hotel on the customized coach.

Although brief, this site inspection helped to meet the client’s objective by showcasing the caliber of offsite experience the guests could anticipate for the conference, as well as the creativity of our event designs that could be utilized throughout the program. Through careful research of the client’s product lines, the history of the conference, and an attentiveness to detail, each of the proposed event designs tied into the client’s corporate culture and history as well. CSI DMC was able to highlight best practices by including offsite destinations in the proposal that were close to the property, minimizing transportation costs for the client, and offering customizations for vehicle transfers as well as venues that would showcase the best offerings of the area. Additionally, the grand finale themes that were highlighted (including The Golden Eagle) each showcased an attentiveness as to how several thousand guests could move between dinner and after-party spaces, offering unique designs and solutions. Ideas and creativity truly took flight with this site inspection!

We are always excited to find new ways to bring your visions to life. Let us help you on your next event and check in later for more #CSIExperiences!