As our company name suggests, we help clients meet their events and destination management needs no matter what! While our primary concern is ensuring events run smoothly, effectively, and beautifully, we also like to give back to our respective local communities in our free time. All of our nine locations care deeply for their city and its local inhabitants. Below are just some of the numerous activities we have participated in to help others, generate awareness, and spread happiness.  

  • For our annual 2018 CSI Hotel part y where we celebrated the close partnerships with our hoteliers, we donated all leftover food from the event to Food Rescue US. This amazing organization works diligently to end food insecurity in America by donating fresh, reusable food that would have otherwise been disposed of to food insecure families.
  • In May, our Chicago team donated centerpieces from an event to a local assisted living community.
  • We teamed with Destination DC’s Volleyball Member Tournament which benefited the American Cross Foundation.
  • We worked with a client to decorate spring cards to be delivered to the University of Iowa Children’s hospital.
  • For our 30th anniversary we donated to the American Cancer Society.
  • In Florida, we worked with a specific client and partnered with a local florist where we utilized the leftover florals from an event to create new, beautiful floral arrangements that were donated to local hospitals.
  • In December of last year, our staff worked at Lincoln’s cottage where we completed numerous preservation tasks around the Cottage grounds such as painting, repairing picnic tables, reorganizing spaces, cleaning cobblestone gutters, planting shrubs, and building rocking chairs for the veterans at the Armed Forces Retirement Home.

There are so many fun and different ways to help others and give back to your community. CSI will continue to strive to give back and we hope you do too!