What attracted you to the event management world?

How every day is different. My career has mostly been with hotels, but I love the fact that I am always working with new clients with new ideas and visions. You’re never really planning the same event, so it’s never a boring industry! Also, the people. You’ll never find a more hard-working, dedicated group of employees than the events industry, and everyone is constantly supporting one another.

How did you first become interested in this industry?

When I was applying for college, actually. I knew I wanted to explore the hospitality industry, but it wasn’t until I discovered my college, Endicott College in Beverly, MA, that I realized the events industry is its own sector under the hospitality umbrella. The fact that I was going to be paid to plan parties was a game-changer for me.

What is your favorite part about your job?

Seeing the event come together. I’m on the sales side so I love pitching creative ideas to clients and trying to make their vision come to life, and when it does, it is such a satisfying feeling to know your ideas made it happen.

What is the best part about the destination you work in?

You can find a little bit of everything here in Boston. Whether you’re a history buff, a huge sports fan, a big foodie, you can find just about anything in the city to entertain you. Also just being in New England too, you have everything you need. Drive a few hours north, and you’re skiing in the best mountains on the East Coast or drive south and you’re relaxing on a beach in Newport, Rhode Island.

What is one of your most proud accomplishments at CSI (or other company) so far?

I’m proud to be a part of the Boston team who killed it in their sales goals this year, and hopefully, I can add to their accomplishments in 2020!

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

I’ll probably still be in the events industry, but maybe in a new city or area outside of New England. Not opposed to it!

Where are you from?

Lakeville, MA, a small town on the South Coast of Massachusetts.

How do you like to spend your weekends?

With my family or friends. In the summer, you can usually find me on my parent’s boat on the lake with my husband and dog.

Are there any causes you are passionate about? Any ways you give back to the community?

Animal Shelters and animal rescue organizations. I follow this one organization out of Aruba that is a non-profit rescue organization that helps animals get adopted all over the United States.

What are common questions that clients ask you about the event planning world?

“What am I missing?” Most planners have a basic itinerary of their event, but they want our professional advice to add the “wow” factor whether it’s adding enhancements or just convenient ways to make the event easier for the guests and the planner.

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