Please read Karin’s press release here to learn more about her extensive experience!

What attracted you to the event management world?

I have always loved creating environments, organizing, and paying attention to detail. I think about design and what makes people excited and comfortable, how to create unique experiences, and how to set the right tone for whatever we are trying to communicate or achieve.

How did you first become interested in this industry?

After over a decade in the hotel food and beverage and event industry, it was exciting and challenging to branch out into other parts of a program. To sell multiple venues, décor, entertainment, experiences, and not just your own property, you now become the ambassador to the destination for your client. I love feeling this way about my work!

What is your favorite part about your job?

Being creative and getting to know our clients and what matters to them.

What is the best part about the destination you work in?

The energy and excitement people have when they visit Las Vegas and the city’s ability to reinvent itself. The community is made up of people from all over the nation and the world looking for a great way of life and that is an asset! Also, what other city can you wear your sequined dress in without looking overdone? It’s a bit much for downtown anywhere else,….but not in Vegas!

What is one of your most proud accomplishments at CSI (or other company) so far?

I look forward to years of proud moments ahead of me at CSI! As for my past, I am most proud of the relationships I built with brides and grooms while I was doing weddings. I was proud that so many trusted me to guide them through the process so they could enjoy such an exciting time. We would collaborate, but they could focus on family and their new spouse as well. Kind words or notes from couples always did my heart good, especially knowing that I could be of service in such a special time!

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Collaborating with wonderful people and creating fabulous programs/events! I would like to keep exploring our great Western states to see what new adventures arise.

Where are you from?

I was born and raised in the South Bay area of Los Angeles. My neighborhood was “rollin with the homies”.

How do you like to spend your weekends?

I like hanging out with my husband and friends. I enjoy gardening, decorating, wine tasting, traveling, and exercise. Mindfulness and things in moderation is my motto!

Are there any causes you are passionate about? Any ways you give back to the community?

Homelessness and hunger are large issues in our city so I have enjoyed working with Three Square throughout the years to help out.

What are common questions that clients ask you about the event planning world?

Transportation can be a mystery along with menu planning as you want to make sure you have the right quantities and variety.

Can you guess what Karin’s favorite food is? Is it cake, spaghetti or sushi? Comment on our Instagram @csidmc with your selections to see if you really know Karin!