It’s very fitting that the traditional 30th anniversary gift is a pearl. Starting small, with something as tiny as a grain of sand, the finished, lustered essence of a pearl is only made possible over time with steady layers of growth and care. Looking back at our first days on Capitol Hill in 1987, it’s extraordinary to see how far we’ve come as a company and the continued success and progress we’ve been able to achieve thus far, none of which could have been possible without your support – our clients, partners, vendors, colleagues, and friends. There are so many people to thank for their encouragement and advocacy throughout the past three decades, and it’s with this sentiment and reflection that we raise a glass to the bright future ahead!

From our initial launch in Washington, DC to our growing destination footprint in strategic locations throughout the world, CSI is proud to be a part of a long history of passion for the industry and client experience. Polishing and perfecting our work for clients has taken time, but just as with a pearl, the finished product is something beautiful to behold. With continuing awards from ADMEI, ILEA, BizBash, Special Events Magazine and PCMA, our creativity and commitment to clients continues to be lauded. It is with great pleasure that we go into our next “30”, with a distinguished, award-winning team, a commitment to the highest standard of service, and outstanding attention to detail. Our passion for the events and programs we craft continues to produce an exceptional experience, every time, anywhere, and we look forward to having you celebrate this milestone with us. Throughout this monumental year for CSI, we will be sharing our past successes, future innovations, and charitable concepts that will allow us to give back to the communities who have given us so much.  Many thanks for the past, and cheers to the future!