Thanksgiving is a wonderful time in the year where we can reflect, give back, and give thanks to the many people around us that make our lives so incredible. This is a day of family, friends, laughter, and food – what more could you possibly want?

This Thanksgiving, CSI gathered personal traditions that we partake in every November across all our destinations in the nation. See if you may have some of the similar rituals that we cherish and look forward to each year! Also, we’d love to see how you get your homes ready for Thanksgiving! What are some of your must have decorations? What do your tablescapes look like?

  • An oldie but a goodie, we love to go around the table after our meal and tell our loved ones what we are most thankful for. This will never get old and also feels wonderful to hear all the reasons that make an individual so happy and grateful.
  • To add a twist to the normal thanksgiving meal, one colleague eats pumpkin pie as an appetizer before the meal as well as another dessert after the main course – sign us up! Another colleague ensures there is “Grandma’s famous noodles” on the table to honor their grandmother that cannot be there. Another colleague has two different Thanksgiving menu’s, one that tailors to her mother’s cultural heritage and one that tailors to her father’s heritage.
  • Many families all work together and participate in a potluck dinner where each member makes their own homemade dish for the evening. This is then followed by games that all can enjoy such as Jenga, Taboo, Charades, Heads Up and more!
  • Another colleague and her family celebrate thanksgiving the Saturday before to ensure all family members and friends are able to make it before any future travels.
  • Some families run 5Ks in the morning – very impressive, other families go the movie theatre. Colleagues watch the Macy’s Day Parade, while some watch football together. Other individuals watch movie marathons, and a few scratch lottery tickets to see if they are the lucky winner! Whatever it is, these precious traditions are near and dear to our hearts.

From all of us at CSI, we wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving!