CSI is excited and proud to continue to take initiative within our respective communities and help those in greater need. Our communities shape and impact us every day and we want to share how we are giving back in case your team needs some ideas to create happier and healthier surroundings. We also love helping our clients engage in CSR activities that pair well with their organization so if any of these charitable efforts resonate with you, we would love to offer a helping hand in organizing your next team building/giveback.

One of our focuses to start off the year is strengthening the wellness and health of the people around us in our respective destinations. Therefore, our personal giveback stories this quarter center on the idea of wellbeing and nourishment in our communities. It’s a feel-good way to kick off a new decade! If you are interested in any of these organizations we’ve included our team’s emails for you to reach out with any questions or comments.

Anna Geer, staffing manager at our DC headquarters, works with the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention whose aim is to fund the research for suicide prevention and bring hope to communities. Anna participates in numerous walks and hikes around the Maryland, D.C. and Virginia area to get involved and raise awareness while also being active and meeting new people! She loves the walks because they are interactive with various different stations scattered throughout. She also loves how “everyone wears different colored beads corresponding to a family member or friend they have lost and it is amazing and inspiring to see a crowd of people wearing these multi-colored beads all rooting together.” Through discussions between her colleagues, she has even gotten more individuals to get involved and plans to walk in future events with some of the team! For more information, Anna Geer can be reached at anna.geer@csi-dmc.com.

In a mission to offer more hygienic options to those in need, Annie Davis, sales and creative services manager in our Orlando office, engaged with Clean the World, a global foundation focused on health organization that offers sustainable resources, education and programming to vulnerable communities. They focus on the hygiene of these resources trying to make a positive difference to ameliorate poverty, homelessness, and natural crises. It’s so interesting to think about how an organization that is known for making soap, an item that at first seems so small, has impacted society for the greater good. Annie went behind the scenes to see what a day at Clean the World entails and she rolled washcloths, sorted shampoos, and conditioners, and packaged soap and body wash into personal care kits. With her work here she was also able to tour the facility and even visit their Soap Museum. A museum dedicated to soap, this is something we all need to see! If you would like to learn more Annie Davis can be contacted at annie.davis@csi-dmc.com.

During some unexpected chilly weather in Las Vegas, the Vegas team hastily took a day to put together an overnight donation drive with their hotel partners to collect blankets and jackets and donate them to the Las Vegas Rescue Mission. This company aids in homelessness prevention for men, women, and children of the Las Vegas area. These efforts were extremely beneficial to the public of Las Vegas due to the uncommonly cold weather they experienced last year. One of our colleagues, Debi Kinney, general manager and director of sales in our Vegas office, said, “When I saw the post on Facebook for the Mission’s need for jackets and blankets, I knew we had an opportunity to assist. By reaching out to our partners and making it easy for them to help us contribute, we knew we could have an impactful drive to help the folks in need. Knowing that this opportunity was appreciated not only by the recipients but also by those we connected with to help out is very rewarding. Connecting people on a human level, to deliver basic necessities, is a feeling that is immeasurable.” Make sure to stay bundled in these colder seasons! If you want to learn more contact Debi Kinney at debi.kinney@csi-dmc.com

Julianna Scerbo, sales and creative services coordinator in our Orlando office, enjoys working with the Second Harvest Food Bank that aims to close the gap of unmet needs in Central Florida through a variety of efforts. This organization hopes to increase the generosity of a caring community by creating a powerful hunger relief network. Not only do they distribute food but they also offer a 16-week program for individuals in which they receive life lessons and learn how to operate in a restaurant environment. When Julianna went to explore the space and see what she could do to help, she toured the facility and learned about daily operations as well as repackaged 50-pound bags of potatoes into 5-pound bags. Now that’s a lot of potatoes! Feel free to reach out to Julianna Scerbo at julianna.scerbo@csi-dmc.com.

We are thrilled to have engaged with so many wonderful organizations so far and only anticipate an increased commitment in 2020. This quarter’s motto is an attitude of gratitude ALWAYS. We are so thankful to our caring team members for working to make a difference in their communities as well as our cherished clients who make us excited to come to work each day and make a greater impact in our industry. Ready to take your next team building event to a whole new level and make an impact for the greater good? Then let CSI help you!