Nobody wants to sit through days worth of long, disengaging work meetings, even though, these meetings are integral and paramount to the success of the company and its employees. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure we are conducting purposeful meetings that are interactive, lively, and effective for all members. Here are a few successful ways we like to strengthen our client’s company gatherings to leave them excited for their next conference.


I. Step Challenges

Designing a meaningful wellness activity embedded in the conference helps generate brainpower and increases engagement and retention from colleagues. First, we create a social media campaign to announce the step challenge and instructions for attendees to sign up. Second, at the conference, we set up a booth in a main location and hand out custom-branded trackers. We design a display board that shows cumulative steps taken and top steppers and teams every minute of the day. Lastly, we provide the top three winners with a special prize. With this notion, gamifying an event in any way and giving attendees reasons to want to pay attention will always increase engagement.


II. Food Trucks Outside Hotel

Our minds are constantly thinking about food! We pair with local vendors in various destinations to support their business and offer a variety of dietary and delectable options for everyone to enjoy. Food trucks provide fun and exciting ways to experience food during breaks – and get some fresh air and sunshine to boot!


III. 360 Staging

Depending on the scope of the program some conferences include more than one room with a main ballroom for presentations. By creating a 360 degree center stage, it allows the presenter to engage with all attendees and sets up a more dynamic space. This relieves the pressure of trying to design and execute an innovative backdrop for a stage and allows the creativity to be placed in more meaningful areas. In addition to staging, we have also placed oversized screens throughout the space to allow for multiple wall projection and increased graphics and digital content.


IIII. Comfortable Seating

This is not new or noteworthy advice, but ensuring colleagues are comfortable will help them stay attentive and wanting to participate in the days activities. This does not mean sleeper couches, but rather comfy chairs allowing for good posture. By using various seating arrangements and lounges we have produced themed spaces that tie into the entire concept of the conference. This interests employees and creates a cohesive event.


Overall it is important to leave a business meeting feeling productive, appreciated (and maybe somewhat fatigued). With the above tips and the various other creative ideas we have up our sleeves, CSI can make your next business gathering a hit!