The Loews Santa Monica Beach Hotel in Santa Monica, California, was ahead of the game when it decided to remodel its Pacific Garden. They knew that as Covid eased off and people were ready to be around each other in person once again, they would turn to a place like the Loews for its prime oceanfront placement. What started as an idea quickly became a reality when they began construction. A hotel insider shared this with CSI, “We recently renovated the area adjacent to the hotel, on the beach – the Pacific Garden.” They added, “It sits on the ground level next to the sand, offering amazing views of the sunset and beach. It’s such a great venue for weddings, parties, and even intimate group dinners.”

The Loews saw that guests wanted to spend time outside near the beautiful ocean, so they prioritized this renovation. Our insider went on to share that one of their favorite things about opening their doors to what they consider home, is how passionate the team has worked to make guests feel welcome and at ease. They dished, “We couldn’t be happier to welcome our guests back to our beachfront home.” CSI DMC recently planned an event at the Loews and guests were so ecstatic. They loved being on the garden so close to the ocean. Mission accomplished for The Loews!