Event design is more than just having fabulous décor to fill a room-it’s taking your attendees on a journey, and the opportunity to express the personality of a brand. Every event has a beginning, middle, and end, and as event designers, our mission is to tell that story through the event experience. We pride ourselves on exciting guests through various design elements, gathering inspiration from architecture, food, music, etc. Below are several examples of real-world influences that we love to explore when crafting an event experience.

Architecture Inspo

CSI does research of their surrounding areas to be able to tell the full story and bring any event to life. For one specific “Zen Garden” theme executed in our Chicago office, we drew inspiration from Frank Lloyd Wright. Wright has made a large impact in Phoenix for his architectural designs, and the Arizona Biltmore hotel holds many of his architectural aesthetic in their décor elements. Wright’s architecture plays off nature and harmony, naming his landscapes, “Organic Architecture.” This design concept is based on his architectural philosophy, the harmony between human habitats and the natural world. With these notions in mind, CSI designed and executed an outdoor patio and lawn to represent FLW tranquil landscaping with light morning beverages and snacks, yoga stations, and comfortable lounges.

Food Inspo

Staying creative and on top of trends, our Chicago office pulled inspiration from the local food scene and designed a memorable evening that incorporated elements famous to Chicago. The event “Pie in the Sky”, allows guests to enjoy the iconic Willis Tower and the unrivaled scrumptious deep-dish pizza that is classic to Chicago. Willis Tower is right in the heart of downtown Chicago, and for this VIP event guests will be whisked up to the 99th floor where they will get to eat and sip amongst the twinkling lights of the dazzling Chicago cityscape. After enjoying a plateful (or two!) of deep-dish pizza, guests are escorted even further upstairs to the 103rd floor where they can step out onto “The Ledge” and experience the feeling of walking over the city on air.

Music Inspo

Chicago is a city beloved by musicians and their fans, with a vibrant and noteworthy jazz scene. Using this idea to accentuate a space, we have created larger than life custom jazz scene bar fronts, and used mood lighting with gold, black and green décor to set a jazzy tone for the evening.

Another adored Chicago musical favorite is Lollapalooza. To recreate this festival theme we have filled spaces with musicians, multicolored linens and seating scattered throughout, and graffiti walls with a live graffiti artist creating a new masterpiece before guests’ eyes!

Art Inspo

Another key element to Chicago’s charm is its swanky art scene. Using this vivacity, our team has rented out the art institute of Chicago and filled the space with custom graphic art inspired pieces along with specifically selected bright linens and décor to simultaneously make the space pop but also allow the space to speak for itself.

An industry challenge that can often occur is, how to stay creative, original and fresh to keep attendees impressed. Playing off your surroundings such as local elements is assured to spark inspiration and create an exceptional experience, every time!