With years of planning and executing astounding events to her name, Morgan Alexander has been promoted to Director of Event Management in our Chicago office. Check out her press release here! Ready to take on this well-deserved role, Morgan recounts some of her favorite times at CSI over the past few years that make her cherish her job.

“Diagon Alley at Universal opened in 2014, and the line for the ride was approximately six hours long on any given day. One fine day in 2014, we hosted a collaboration event for clients, and everyone from our Orlando office helped out that night. We did a backstage deluxe red carpet entrance for all of the guests. Once everyone was inside, a member of CSI told us to take our nametags off and go enjoy ourselves inside the event with the guests. I grabbed a glass of wine and stood in line for the Gringotts ride which only had a 10 MINUTE WAIT! I remember looking at one of my colleagues and saying, ‘next time I complain about our job, remind me of this incredible day.’ I love CSI DMC because of the many experiences we get to have that are so unlike any other. People would have killed to get on that ride at that time, and there we were with no line, no wait, and a full glass of wine!” 

Another event that made Morgan realize just how unique her job was is what she likes to call ‘The Chair Extravaganza.’ She writes, “A few years ago, we had a large event that included 300 bar stools with silver legs and white leather seats. Once contracted, the vendor turned out to only have half the amount needed. After some back and forth, the client was insistent on those exact chairs …so we purchased 150 similar chairs from another vendor, but with brown legs. The solution? Well, if you want to talk about teamwork: the entire team along with spouses and friends came together for two nights in a row to tarp the entire office floor. We had one section of people drilling the legs onto the chairs, one section transporting the chairs to then another section where individuals painted every leg chair silver! The last station involved transporting the chairs outside to load onto a truck. Four trays of Chick-Fil-A nuggets and four pizzas later, we finally finished painting. Come event day, we all showed up and offloaded the truck ourselves, dispersing a few chairs at a time into the ballroom. Was this my favorite or most fun day at CSI? Absolutely not- but this was one of the many days that reminded me what an absolutely amazing team we are and when push comes to shove, everyone shows up!” 

Please join us in giving Morgan an ebullient congratulations for her achievement at CSI!