To start off our 2019 year we are ensuring our entire CSI team is onboard and up to date with our latest goals. We are excited to share that this year we are focusing on the idea of Wellness: how we can be our healthiest and happiest selves. This is incredibly important in an era (and an industry) that can be so focused on quick turnarounds and limited time. By bettering ourselves and our mindsets, we create a healthier space for collaboration between our colleagues and our valued clients. Through these goals we will continue to strengthen and improve client relations, becoming stronger in our services each day.

The Culture Club

CSI started a new internal movement this year designed to advance our goals. Known as the “Culture Club”, this is run by three energetic individuals from all different departments in CSI such as Sales, Event Management and Creative Services. By having three individuals from different backgrounds and departments we are incorporating a holistic approach to these new objectives. The Culture Club is in charge of creating activities for CSI that will continue to bring us together while improving our health and mindsets at the same time. Some activity options they have discussed are after-hours kickboxing classes, collaborative pottery making, and movie nights.

The Power of a Greeting

We are putting an even bigger emphasis on greeting everyone we see in the office each day with a positive and generous hello! Each positive interaction with a colleague can significantly increase your mood throughout the day and we want to ensure everyone starts their day off on the best note possible, setting them up for further success. Asking how someone’s evening or weekend goes a long way and strengthens inter-work bonds. Our positive energy then further extends to our clients creating even better interactions!

Community Engagement

We love giving back and helping our local communities across all our destinations in any way possible. In the past, we have donated leftover food or florals after events or spent an entire day with local organizations serving our communities, and still do this now. Whatever it may be we are excited to continue to expand on this notion and help others in need.

Walk O’Clock

We want to continue to ensure we are bringing healthy snacks to our office as well as encourage healthy eating and exercise habits, but we are also taking several minutes throughout our lunch breaks to go on a stroll outside fueling our brain and keeping us moving during the day!

Woof Woof!

Our office is highly animal friendly and if you look hard enough you will find a dog hanging around in someone’s office. We love having these furry friends help us make our days that much happier. They are also a great lunchtime walk companion!

Maintaining wellness is so integral to the success of our company because it allows us to be more open-minded, collaborative, innovative, excited and ready to create and execute exceptional experience for you all! Throughout 2019 we will continue to focus on wellness and strengthen our company to the highest degrees to ensure our clients are constantly happy, impressed and wanting more!