Puttshack, the only upscale tech-infused mini golf experience with global food and drink, arrived in Boston October 2022! From their humble beginnings in the UK to their impactful journey into the US, Puttshack has created a vibrant and unique social entertainment brand that had our team counting down the days until the opening! The brand-new building is steps away from the heart of Seaport and the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center, Omni, and Westin Hotel. The space, complete with two floors, two bars, four mini golf courses, and a private dining room, can accommodate headcounts of up to 600 guests, including food, beverage, and of course, mini golf!

We just know this unique game will be an absolute must-visit for your Boston teambuilding activities. Allie Conlon at Puttshack, raves, “Boston is great because you get to see buildings and areas that have been around for centuries, but you also get to mix that in with the new hot spots (like the Seaport).” She adds, “We can relate to this here at Puttshack because mini golf is a time old classic game, but we have improved it and made it exciting again by adding advanced technology.” So, what is this magic technology we keep referencing? Puttshack has thrown out the paper and pencils and replaced them with a super fun new scoring system. The balls track your gameplay, and you can earn (or lose) points based on how you play! Allie beams, “This is not just a new way to play mini golf, it is the only way!”

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