PSA: Make sure you are not hungry when reading this post.

While summer is coming to a close, the heat and humidity seem to be sticking around for a little while longer. Make sure your guests are staying hydrated during this warm summer season, but also make sure you are treating them (and yourself!) with some refreshing, scrumptious, and highly deserved: ICE CREAM.

Across all destinations, we partner with wonderful ice cream vendors to deliver delectable treats to our clients. This summer CSI DMC has have recently paired with Nicecream, Tipsy Scoop, and Dipsy Desserts, all presenting their specialized ice cream offerings.


Nicecream is challenging the way we eat dessert by utilizing an unconventional method of creating ice cream. They mix local, grass fed cream with local, fresh ingredients and use liquid nitrogen to freeze the ice cream right in front of guests, creating not only a delicious treat, but also an interactive experience for all. Some of their exciting flavors include: Honey Lavender, Wild Blueberry Mint Cobbler and Lemony Jenny. They have locations in Old Town Alexandria,VA, Clarendon, VA, and recently opened their third D.C. location in Adams Morgan, D.C! In the past we have used Nicecream as a refreshing treat during our vibrant lollapalooza festival themed event that included smoothie bikes, street artists, and constant pops of color!


Tipsy Scoop combines two delicious treats – liquor and ice cream – into a flavor-infused summer favorite. After perfecting multiple recipes, Tipsy Scoops features fun flavors such as Strawberry White Sangria Sorbet, Vanilla Bean Bourbon, and Red Velvet Martini. For CSI’s 2018 Spring Hotel Party, this adult-only ice cream was served to our guests by actors on rollerskates offering deliicous topping to !


Based in Chicago, Dipsy Desserts is a historic and flavorsome brand. Husband and wife duo, Jim and Meghan, create small batch ice cream bars and serve them at special events. They bring their vintage style ice cream cart along with matching vintage outfits, and dip the ice cream bars in chocolate and other toppings on site in front of the guests. With this success they have even expanded to making cookies, waffles, pretzels, churros and more, all available to guest to dip into delicious toppings to savor!

See below how CSI DMC branded ice cream scoops to create a fun and specialized gift for our clients during this hot season! This gift came with a bag of sprinkles and cute ribbon and tag.