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Aimee Pomelow<br>Director of Human Resources<br>Accounting</br>

Aimee Pomelow
Director of Human Resources

Human Resources Director

Alexandra Wyatt<br>Event Manager</br>

Alexandra Wyatt
Event Manager

Baptiste Fruchart<br>Director of Design</br>and Brand Administration</br>

Baptiste Fruchart
Director of Design
and Brand Administration

Art and Design Director

Blake Turpin, DMCP<br>Vice President of Operations<br>Florida</br>

Blake Turpin, DMCP
Vice President of Operations

Senior Operations Manager

Cheri Secue<br>Director of Business Development,<br>Orlando</br>

Cheri Secue
Director of Business Development,

Associate Director of Sales

Devyn Dohner<br>Sales & Creative Services Coordinator</br>

Devyn Dohner
Sales & Creative Services Coordinator

Elizabeth Colburn<br>Sales and Creative Services Coordinator</br>

Elizabeth Colburn
Sales and Creative Services Coordinator

Emily Rangel<br>Sales and Creative Services Coordinator</br>

Emily Rangel
Sales and Creative Services Coordinator

Jeff Cargill<br>Event Coordinator</br>

Jeff Cargill
Event Coordinator

Younes Dahlek<br>Vice President of<br>Event Management,<br>Orlando</br>

Younes Dahlek
Vice President of
Event Management,

Vice President of Event Management

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