This year we have seen exciting food trends emerge, amazing restaurants open nationwide, and individuals bellies’ filled. Here are some of what we think are the hottest food trends of the year, let’s see if any appear in 2019 too!

Zoodle Fest

Vegetable carb substitutes have become very popular with options such as cauliflower rice, zucchini noodles (zoodles), spaghetti squash and more. Along with this trend, the spiralizer has become a necessity in kitchen utensils having the ability to shred vegetables into the shape of noodles and almost trick the mind into thinking that you’re eating pasta instead of a vegetable! Consider having a spiralizing station at an event so guests can contribute to the preparation of their food.

Goodbye Wheat, We’re Gluten-Free!

With the increasing demand for gluten free alternatives, numerous non-wheat options have been created such as rice noodles, quinoa pasta, and buckwheat alternatives. Restaurants have also been putting more emphasis on highlighting “GF” foods as well as other dietary options, making it easier to dine around in destinations all over with these dietary restirctions.

Insert Avocado Emoji

Raise your hand if you haven’t tried avocado toast? It has almost become impossible to dodge this food as it is being offered in so many restaurants as a new and healthy breakfast alternative. This is a flexible dish that can be paired with any preferred condiment, bread option and additional toppings. Try one of these at a catered business breakfast before diving in deep to breakout sessions with colleagues.

Tacos Tacos Tacos

Anything can be put in a taco and/or burrito these days, and who is complaining!? From sweet to savoury there are so many options of how to build a delicious taco. Inside tip: adding a mango/pineapple slaw to any savoury taco only enhances the taste! We love adding taco stations to events where individuals can build their own meals exactly how they want.

Too Cool To Consume

As if dessert isn’t exciting enough, this year we have explored even more intriguing ways to prepare and present treats. For example, Thai rolled ice cream (stir-fried ice cream) which is a liquid-based delicacy poured onto a frozen pan then chopped, mixed, spread and rolled. Smoked desserts such as chocolate brownie s’mores, grilled fruits with whipped cream, bacon sundaes, and grilled pound cakes are other popular treats presented in an innovative manner. Also, this year doughnut shops have become a staple and favourite for many, with more and more doughnut franchises appearing all over the nation. In the past, we have used doughnut display walls at our events for a delicious pop and visual display. Lastly, the sweet potato substitute! While this may seem iffy at first, sweet potato is being used in many puddings such as cupcakes and pies and the result is splendid!

Did That Burger Come From The Ground?

Vegetarians and vegans, unite! As individuals try more diets and explore more foods, it’s important that the food industry keeps up by offering substitutes. Plant-based burgers have become increasingly prominent with options such as black bean burgers, cauliflower and broccoli burgers and more. CSI ensures we partner with caterers and chefs that offer different and amusing ways to create food offering dietary alternatives to standard food items. Who knows when you might be on your next vegan kick!

Small Plates = I Can Eat More

Tapas has become an emerging trend in 2018 as it allows for greater interaction at the dining table by sharing numerous small plates together. However, let’s all be honest about one of the main reasons we love this: we end up eating more than if we had our own plate! Tapas make for an efficient and exciting dining style at receptions too!

Bowls of Fun

Poke bowls? Ramen dishes? Bibimbap? These intricate and delicious dishes are popping up everywhere! Poke is great for sushi lovers as it is essentially a raw fish salad. Ramen is tasty for colder months when you are craving something soothing and substantial. Bibimbap is crucial when you need a healthy mix of rice, veggies, and protein!

The Perfect Package

Grab yourself a mason jar and let’s get packing. Mason jars are being used to package perfectly portioned meals for transporting, such as overnight oats. These are easy to travel with and also provide a fun visual. Items are even sold in stores inside a mason jar such as cookie batches and salads! This notion is perfect for meeting planners who are always on the go!

After all this food talk, it is definitely time for a snack. Stick around to see what hot food trends emerge in 2019 and let us know any of your favourites from 2018 that you hope stick around next year!