You made it through the initial challenge of Madness Monday but now you want to ensure your Tuesday kicks off to the best start to maintain a successful and positive week ahead. Say no more, here is how we tackle every Tuesday like a BOSS at CSI!

1. Morning Stretch & Coffee (or Tea)

Wake up with the right mindset ready to seize the day and awaken your body with some morning stretches that get the blood pumping. Whether you sit down and enjoy a warm beverage in the morning or take a to-go cup to the office, the temperature is getting colder so stay warm and hydrated as soon as you leave your bed.

2. Lists Will Save You

Create a list, as detailed as you’d like, of the goals and tasks you need completed for this fine Tuesday. Set reminders on your phone or computer, place sticky notes around your desk. Do what you need to do to make sure you are meeting deadlines and getting assignments completed. We highly recommend the 1-3-5 rule where you write down 1 big accomplishment to complete, three medium objectives to conquer, and 5 small items to accomplish. This allows your planning and execution process to be more organized, focused, and hopefully effective!

3. Put On That Playlist

In the background (or on full blast) put on a playlist that puts you in the right mindset and positive mood that will continue to keep you excited for the day ahead. Some people also prefer podcasts while they are working away, whatever suits you and helps you focus. Some playlists we enjoy that can all be found on Spotify include “Acoustic Concentration,” “Walk Like A Badass,” “In The Name of The Blues,” and “Fresh & Chill.”

4. Refuel Then Refuel Some More

No matter how busy you are do not forget to fuel your body with brain food for nourishment. Also, try going for a walk in the middle of the day to get some exercise and take a break from your computer or workstation. Often times this change of scenery can help restore our brain so that we can go back to our desk with a fresher and more restored outlook to continue to slay the day. Some examples of superfoods include carrots and hummus, protein smoothies, apple slices with almond butter, cashews and pistachios, and chia seed pudding.

5. Smile, Breath In Good Thoughts

Your outlook on each day directly affects how that day is going to unwind. With a positive mindset, ambitious goals and a clear headspace your day is bound to go smoother and more efficient than if you approach your day with a frown and negativity. What you give to the world you get back in return.

6. Put Down The Phone

Unless absolutely pressing, leave work at work and unplug when off the clock. Your emails will still be there in the morning and it is important to allow yourself downtime before you approach your Wonderful Wednesday, and so on, in the best mindset possible. You’ve got what it takes to ace all these tips above and we at CSI which you on the best Tuesday!