Often times event planners are tasked to design and coordinate events that run on an annual basis, and the challenge is to ensure fresh experiences year after year.  On other occasions, event planners are given the ultimate responsibility to craft a one-time event that needs to have the impact and wow-factor to last long after final call.  In August of 2013, our team at CSI was put to the test when we were privileged to partner with the Salamander Resort in Middleburg, VA.  The long awaited and keenly anticipated grand opening of their luxury resort in horse country was to be memorable, engaging, and above all else, a tool to attract guests to the hotel.  Knowing that the success of this one event would essentially elevate the success of our partnership as well as entice future clientele to the resort, the opening had to be a triple-crown victory.

Playing off the picturesque landscape that surrounded the resort for miles, CSI decided to utilize the growing trend of bringing the outdoors inside.  Creating a surreal environment grabs attention, and forces guests to notice their surroundings in more detail.  This escape from the ordinary automatically engages guests, and a memory is instantly imprinted.  The atmosphere emphasized living, fresh, local and lush accents alongside vintage and modern authenticity. This tasteful nod to ‘nature indoors’ effect was infused through a mix of stunning, regionally inspired floral designs and accents atop textured linens and culinary areas. The cornerstone of the “nature indoors” experience was a magnificent “living tree” in the middle of the ballroom, beautifully dressed and surrounded by complimentary accent pieces that embodied the spirit of the countryside resort.

Impressing upon guests the opulent setting and lush exquisiteness of the region, CSI honed in on the local vibe with fresh menu options and horse country accents. Outside, guests enjoyed overlooking the sumptuous culinary gardens and bucolic hills of Virginia. Most appropriately, entertainment trotted in on horseback, with a variety of wonderful equestrian events showcased on the lawn, as guests relaxed, and enjoyed locally produced wines and drinks in the sheer wonder of the beautiful setting. Stations were decorated with thoughtful touches, and farm tables featured fragrant herbs and creative floral designs.

With one shot at producing the grand opening, the CSI team designed an event that truly showcased the inviting wonder of this luxury resort.  Pairing both the magic of the unexpected ‘nature indoors’ atmosphere to instantly capture attention with the charming local flair to entice further visits, the celebration successfully created buzz around the newly established Salamander Resort. CSI would like to thank Salamander for their partnership! www.salamanderresort.com