What better way to show your continued dedication to maintaining client relationships than by checking up on your valued consumers, and giving them a little something that shows you were thinking of them? At CSI, we want to ensure we are gifting items that are both personal to our clients and relevant with current industry trends. Below are some trends that we have been loving so far!


A large component of what has been slowly emerging in the promotional world is following the trends of retail. Currently, retail is trying to make their statement by designing items that are less invasive and subtler, such as tone on tone or off-centered lettering, left justified logo placements etc. People want their brands out in the world, but they don’t want it to be the focal point of an outfit. For instance, when someone is wearing your jacket, you want brand recognition, but you also want it to look stylish and keep consumers wanting more. A logo has simply become added, subtle decoration.


If you can help the environment while also making others happy, then it is a win all around! Reusable straws became incredibly famous towards the end of 2018 after the ban of plastic straws in numerous cities and restaurants throughout the world (we were quick to notice, and we now gift these sustainable items to our clients- they’ve been a hit!). Having one’s name in front of clients on something as commonly used as a straw keeps your company relevant and shows to others that you care about the environment and doing what you can to make a positive impact. At CSI, we continue to extend this notion into all aspects of our company, ensuring we are using eco-friendly materials and practices whenever possible.


Due to the constant use of iPhone and Android devices, wireless charging and listening has become even more prevalent. The idea is to use fewer wires while maintaining multi-functional capability. Everything is created with the goal of making the end-users life easier, especially for traveling. Continuing with this notion, radio frequency identification (RFID) refers to a technology where digital data is encoded in smart labels and are then easily scanned by a reader via radio waves. Wallets and passports offering these capabilities are becoming significantly desired, along with any item that can also hold a chip or credit card information. This shows the growing technological capabilities of our time and prevents any form of identity theft.


Who wouldn’t want to add a little more zen to their life? Essential oils accompanied with varying types of diffusers have become very popular for the positive energy and freshness that they produce. Aimed to improve one’s overall health, aromatherapy is highly regarded and continues to grow in demand. At CSI, we love gifting lavender essential oil as part of a complete spa package, and are researching even more types of oils to expand our collection!


More and more companies are getting involved in, “the sock game”. Socks are the perfect fashion item where you can go all-out and reflect your personality. Since they go underneath an outfit, the wearer doesn’t have to stand out in the workplace, but they still allow a warm way for them to show their personalities. In recent years, it has become less of a standard procedure to wear a full-on suit and tie to work. Before, your tie was used as an expression of who you are, but since this is no longer as common, socks have become that expression- and we have no problem with that! Socks are perfect to show your edge and pizzazz!

We aim to continue keeping up with these consumer-preference trends to show our clients not only that we are staying up to date with the latest and greatest, but that we care about what they’re asking for. We want to treat you with these enjoyable gifts to show you that you are always on our minds!