Just when some of our destinations thought the weather was picking back up, more snow and cooler temperatures are back again! What better way to celebrate the ongoing winter months than by sharing some innovative and exciting winter themes and concepts?

  1. Gingerbread Wonderland

This event concept blends all the color of candy, with the charm and sweetness of gingerbread. Guests will enter the venue via a gumdrop lined, candy-colored pathway and will soon be left wondering what is edible and what isn’t. Oversized cookie décor and giant sweets give way to various gingerbread house vignettes and entertainments that await guests. Candy cane signs and thematic centerpieces are sprinkled throughout the venue, directing guests to key attractions. As they walk the candy paths, guests will find themselves drawn to the gumdrop bars offering winter-themed specialty cocktails to sip before heading over to the numerous dining stations filled with flavor. Guests can indulge in delicacies made right before their eyes like anti-griddle flash frozen treats, Instagram-able cotton candy ice cream burritos, and more! No need to worry about food comas, as deep leather seating lounges (in gingerbread tones) are all around. The sounds of an upbeat live band will keep guests energized throughout the evening, with a full gingerbread house stage set. Additional entertainment options to sweeten the evening include a Gumball Photo Booth and VR Fruit Ninja. Let’s keep this night sugar-fueled and lots of fun!


  1. Fire & Ice

A delicate balance, tonight’s multi-faceted event theme blends the unique elements of fire and ice into one immersive design. Arriving to the venue, guests walk along a living red carpet, juxtaposed against glowing icy blue tinted walls. Once they enter the event space, attendees will bask in bright, warm-toned lighting from the center dancefloor, while the light shifts to cooler blue tones around the room’s perimeter. The warm core of tonight’s’ entertainment area (a raised dance platform) allows guests to socialize while circulating entertainment and performers walk amongst them. Fire eaters, poi spinners and dancers amble between guests, offering tantalizing performances, accompanied by a DJ. Fueled by their excitement from the performances on the main floor, guests may find themselves eager to refresh themselves at the perimeter bars. With ice-cold treats, tonight’s catering options include liquid nitrogen, anti-griddled and ice-cooled fare, including both classic (chilled seafood) and contemporary fare (molecular gastronomy cocktail bites). Low lounges dot the outside rim of the event space, offering gather spaces for guests to socialize and enjoy their treats. Accompanying the catering, an additional edgy performance from an ice sculptor is also recommended!

  1. Inside a Snow Globe

Guests will enter this winter utopia and immediately feel like they are walking inside their own personal snow globe! Massive iceberg sculptures line the entrance, and snow globe greeters energetically welcome the guests to tonight’s festivities as they dance throughout the venue. Dispersed throughout the space will be a plethora of hanging icebergs and illuminated signage, encircling a central stage and dancefloor. The whimsical ambiance is heightened with constant faux snow falling from the sky, mimicking the feeling of a constantly shaken and active snow globe. While a DJ sets an upbeat musical tone, watch out: a polar bear puppet or dancing penguins may just appear on the dancefloor! Throughout the evening, waiters will sport t-shirts listing the offered hors d’oeuvres menu, and guests can grab a drink at the various snowy bars, as well as explore the numerous catering stations to find the perfect cuisine for them. Refreshments in hand, attendees can socialize while seated at crisp white lounges, or fuzzy bean bag chairs. Gorgeous snowflake projections illuminate strategic portions of the venue, and attendees can also enjoy the S’mores station where they will make their very own treats, or test their hand at VR snow themed gaming attractions! In addition to the highlighted attractions previously described, these upbeat spaces will include a live band, snowflake stilt walkers, indoor ice carving and disco igloos. Let’s keep this globe shaking!

These are just three of the many creative winter themes we have suggested to clients to make their event both memorable and outstanding. Contact us if you would like help with your next event!