Boston Insider: Spill the Tea

October 17, 2022

You don’t need to read the tea leaves to see the uptick in after-parties and glow-themed events in Boston! The CSI team recently produced an event that was beyond our clients’ wildest gleams (glow pun!) inspired by the Lawn on D. Shares vendor-partner Erica with Perfect Parties, “The after dark park features the same glow swings you would see on the Lawn on D along with glow seesaws, glow chairs, glow corn hole, glow flowers, and more!” Speaking of fun after dark – Cory with Murray Hill Talent, divulges that they are seeing after-parties are a big trend! It would also seem that Boston is starting to take inspiration from Europe in ways besides the architecture – parties are going on longer into the night than ever before! More time for fun? Yes, please!

When exploring the city, Erica and Cory agree that getting out on the water in the harbor is an experience not to be skipped. Erica shares, “Most people do not know that Boston has a robust water taxi system. It allows you to go to many different areas/places in the city with a quick water taxi ride and can be set up via phone call!” Cory is a boater who feels passionate that visitors must get out on the water to understand its scenic views and calmness. Cory recalls a cool memory, “I saw a humpback whale breaching in the harbor this past summer with the Boston skyline behind it!” If the weather permits, you won’t regret taking a boat tour of the harbor!

Ready to create your next exceptional experience in Boston? CSI DMC is ready for you!



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