Tours & Activities


Destination Discovery Tours

Every destination has a story! A destination discovery tour is a great way for guests to get an overview of the destination and see the highlights in a limited timeframe.

Culture & History Tours

A culture and history tour of a destination is a perfect way to learn about the unique history and perspectives of the location and people living in the area. We focus on significant sites and then customize content around a theme, like the Freedom Trail experience in Boston or the monuments and memorials in Washington, DC.

Foodie Tours

A foodie-style tour provides an immersive destination experience for people who appreciate food, fun, and culture. We curate the experience with a focus on local businesses. This tour can be a great option to combine with other tours, time allowing.

Recreational Activities & Excursions

For guests that love to get out and go, we arrange customized group activities to meet different interests and fitness levels, from guided city strolls and shopping outings to active bike tours, fishing charters and other water-based activities.

Health & Wellness Activities

Yoga on the beach? Spa time? Golf outing? Daily wellness activity during a program? We take care of all the details so guests can enjoy the moment!

VIP Experiences

VIP experiences typically involve boutique size groups and feature behind-the-scenes activities, meet-and-greets with revered local celebrities, special openings, fully customized programs that have not been done before, and technical tours that involve connections and collaboration with local organizations.

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Deepen connections with sustainable tours & activities

We’re your go-to destination guide for custom, fun, and engaging tours and activities that align with your event objectives and corporate sustainability goals. Whether it's wellness by the water, offering behind-the-scenes walking tours, or crafting various customizable options through our local networks, we're here to assist you in maximizing the destination's potential while ensuring a positive impact aligned with your sustainability values.

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Kickstart Your Creativity

We’ve helped numerous clients plan tours and team building activities for groups of different sizes and interests. Spark your imagination and refine your vision for your next team-building activity or tour by exploring our portfolio.

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