Sustainability & Social Responsibility

Sustainability Matters

 Our commitment to sustainability is an ongoing evolution. We understand our business's environmental impact and are committed to reducing it for a sustainable future. Our strategy is based on a commitment to actively reduce our carbon footprint, conserve natural resources, and support local communities. Green Business Benchmark° has awarded CSI DMC platinum-level certification in recognition of the organization's commitment to sustainable business practices. The certification was granted after an independent evaluation of the company's operations as well as the actions of its employees in their day-to-day work environments. We extend our commitment to our clients and our communities, partnering with Trees4Travel and the Food Recovery Network, both of whom are committed to creating solutions for global challenges. We continuously strive for improvement and maximize sustainability in every aspect of our operations.

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Purpose Driven

CSI DMC is an organization that is deeply rooted in local communities yet connected on a global scale. Our goal is to create a collaborative environment that is united by a shared sense of purpose. Our company embodies a diverse set of values, beliefs, and attitudes. We recognize and embrace the innovative impact of diversity among our clients, staff, and vendor partners. We nurture our relationships with local businesses and strive to create a network of support that benefits everyone involved.

We believe that volunteering together fosters deeper connections with each other and the destinations we serve. We encourage team bonding through volunteerism and offer paid time off for employees looking to give back. These efforts aim to contribute to a culture that prioritizes community involvement, collaboration, and empathy.

Our Commitment to Sustainability & Social Responsibility

CSI DMC’s Sustainability policy underscores the commitment to our vision, principles, values, and ongoing improvement in preserving and protecting environmental, social, and economic conditions our organization impacts. 


Our Initiatives



Our team is constantly working toward reducing our impact on the environment. Green Business Benchmark° has awarded CSI DMC platinum-level certification, in recognition of the organization's commitment to sustainable business practices. The certification was granted after an independent evaluation of the company's operations as well as the actions of its employees in their day-to-day work environments.



For each experience we plan, our team works with local vendors who share our sustainability commitment. They dedicate themselves to sourcing local ingredients, eliminating waste, and helping us find different ways to recycle or donate decorations, unconsumed food, and other materials.

Community Involvement

Community Involvement

We encourage our employees and clients to give back to local communities at destinations we serve through volunteer work and other service opportunities. We’ve also helped numerous customers organize unique service opportunities that engage and connect guests to a destination. Non-profits and causes our team has worked with include local animal shelters, the Boys & Girls Club, and community cleanups.

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Teaming Up to Make a Difference

At CSI DMC, our commitment to sustainability is an ongoing evolution. We understand our business impacts the environment, society, and the economy, and we are dedicated to minimizing that impact for a sustainable future. With our ongoing growth and sustainability strategy, we actively work to reduce our carbon footprint, conserve natural resources, and support local communities.

Clean the World

CSI Las Vegas teamed up with Clean the World and sorted through hundreds of soaps and bottles to be recycled for this important cause. Our team had a great time learning and volunteering with Clean the World and will definitely be back soon!

Bear Cut Nature Preserve

The South Florida team partnered up to clean the coastlines in their community in a meaningful way. They kayaked out to Bear Cut Nature Preserve and each filled up one trash bag with waste that would have otherwise ended up in our oceans or the belly of some poor animal.

SOS Children's Village Illinois

The CSI Chicago team was delighted to facilitate the creation of this 'Words of Wisdom' mural at an event for the Wharton Research Data Services. A live sketch artist drew encouraging words from the participants on a canvas. Our team had fun adding their own words to the mural! We donated the completed mural for the foster children at SOS Children's Village of Illinois to enjoy.

WithLove Charity

CSI Nashville had their annual children's hospital donation at their holiday party this year. They partnered up with WithLove Charity and built 100 bears with the hoteliers for children with cancer who spent their holiday in the hospital. Our team was moved by the opportunity to donate toys that represent a moment of joy during a difficult time.

A Precious Child

CSI Colorado teamed up with a client to donate 70 sports-themed bags to A Precious Child. We created a station set up where attendees built their bags and filled them with different toys for the young boys and girls. We were so happy to help facilitate this effort for our client. It was so rewarding to see how happy the kids were when our team dropped off the toys!

FIND Food Bank

The team gave their client an option to have edible centerpieces and donate them to a food bank in Palm Springs after the event. Our client was planning a program for their sustainability department, so this was a perfect enhancement for their event! The team worked with a local florist who picked them up after the event and donated them to the food bank.

Tennessee Alliance 

As Tennessee children are placed in the foster care system, they have little more than the clothes on their backs and a grocery bag filled with some personal items. CSI Nashville partnered up with the Kimpton and GBTA to build and donate over 100 backpacks filled with meaningful and important items to foster children in need.

Three Square Food Bank

CSI Las Vegas teamed up with Three Square Food Bank to make a difference in their community. Our team was grateful to be a part of such a rewarding and important effort. They even set a new record when they packed 864 produce bags for seniors and families in 2 hours! After such a fun and feel-good experience, we will definitely be working with Three Square again soon!

Fill it Forward

CSI DMC teamed up with Fill it Forward to create a company-wide initiative to eliminate single-use water bottles. We created a custom CSI DMC bottle and provided it to employees. Each time they refilled their bottle they scanned the QR code to track their impact. During our initial campaign, our team exceeded its goal of 1,500 refills. Since then, our team has continued to use their water bottles over 10,000 times! We also share this initiative with clients as part of supporting sustainability goals.

Greater Boston Food Bank

CSI Boston teamed up with the Greater Boston Food Bank to make a difference in their community. They worked together to package 14,894 pounds of food which averaged 14,759 meals distributed to the greater Boston community!


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