Local Culinary Experiences

Culinary design tailored to your palette

Whether we are coordinating a local dine-around for 1,500 guests, infusing a VIP reception with just the right amount of bite, designing a culinary tour with a local twist, or curating a themed menu with progressive courses, our culinary design expertise is the secret ingredient you can rely on! Our local teams, intimately familiar with the dining scene in their destinations, are always ready with the inside scoop on the finest local culinary experiences in town!

Sharing more than a meal

Savor local cuisine or enjoy a creative, themed menu with progressive courses. We create unforgettable gastronomic experiences that connect groups of all tastes and sizes.

Menu Ideation

Thematic, dramatic, simple or sustainable – we develop menus with all the right flavors!

Culinary Activities

From classes with Michelin-starred pros to cocktails with up-and-coming sensations, create an unforgettable gastronomic experience for groups of all sizes and tastes.

Destination Dine Arounds

Dining as a local is the ultimate way to experience a destination! Our team takes care of the planning and logistics so your attendees can relax and savor every bite. Bon appétit!

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Kickstart Your Creativity

We’ve organized numerous culinary experiences that satisfy a variety of food adventures and cravings. Spark your imagination and refine your vision for planning your event by exploring our portfolio.

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Tantalize tastebuds responsibly

Creative menu planning isn't just about mouthwatering dishes—it can also be an opportunity to tangibly contribute to the betterment of the local environment. We work with a vast network of culinary partners who are committed to waste reduction, recycling, and ethical work conditions.  Even just a few tweaks to your menu can make the world of difference - and help your bottom line. Let's get cooking! We'll guide you in crafting eco-friendly culinary programs that leave a lasting, delicious impression on both your attendees and the local destination!

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