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Embark on an exploration of the Florida Keys, where timeless allure meets modern sophistication. Fondly referred to as the 'Tropical Paradise Chain,' this captivating destination offers vast opportunities for orchestrating upscale corporate events. Featuring stunning waterfront venues, intimate island getaways, and a vibrant blend of local culture, the Florida Keys provide an idyllic canvas for gatherings of all scales, ensuring an unforgettable destination experience. Meander through charming streets adorned with local boutiques, savor the diverse culinary landscape, and immerse yourself in the unique history through guided island tours. Embrace captivating waterside adventures, from private catamaran cruises to exclusive sunset receptions, or indulge in a spectrum of marine and cultural entertainment choices. Easily accessible via Key West International Airport (EYW) and Miami International Airport (MIA), the Florida Keys stand as an exquisite choice for events of every magnitude.

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Discover paradise in the Florida Keys: turquoise waters, vibrant coral reefs, and laid-back island vibes await. Snorkel in pristine marine sanctuaries, savor fresh seafood, and unwind on white sandy beaches. A tropical escape for groups seeking the perfect blend of business and relaxation.

Adriana Uriarte, Senior Account Executive.

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“The innovative solutions and proactive approach enhanced our program. My sincere gratitude for the exceptional service that CSI DMC provided. Your contributions have greatly contributed to the success of our events!”

– Jennifer W., Senior Meeting Planner, Insurance Industry

“We are very happy with CSI DMC and plan to bring them into all of our future events!"

– Ginny C., Director, Marketing, Tech Industry

“We absolutely loved working with you and appreciated all you did for us and making us look good!!"

– Teri B. Marketing and Events Manager, Finance Industry

"Every single person who attended the event, including our VIPs, continue to express how great the event was and so much of that is because of the CSI DMC team."

– Tara T. Energy Industry

“Thank you both so much for putting together such wonderful evening events. We’ve gotten nothing but spectacular feedback!”

– Lauren N., Event Planner, Finance Industry

“Thank you both so much for your hard work to make our event a success. Your communication was quick and clear throughout the entire process."

– Ashley W., Food Franchise

“You and your team were amazing to work with! We still have clients and colleagues talking about what a great event it was.”

– Christine S., Senior Event Planner, Insurance Industry

“Everything came together beautifully on budget and exceeded our expectations. I would absolutely recommend CSI to my colleagues for their future events.”

– Alison M., Senior Events Manager, Hospitality Industry Association

“Everything was great! It was so great to partner with you and take some pressure off us to get all these things done! We greatly appreciate your help and look forward to working with you again."

– Laura T., Events Manager, Global Law Firm