Orlando Spotlight: An Elegant Evening

Arriving to the sun-drenched luxury of the Four Seasons Orlando, VIP guests on a familiarization trip to the region were invited to an intimate and modern dinner on the Sabal Lawn to round out their tours of the hotel and region’s offerings. With the sun dipping low on the horizon, guests exited the property’s interior to find a welcoming reception space with billowing gauze curtains fluttering in the light sunset breeze, crisp linens adorning tables, passed local hors d’ oeuvres and drinks, and a lively guitar performance filling the air with graceful melodies.


Our guests requested a unique experience capturing the spirit of the spring season with a customized twist, and CSI rose to the occasion! As a team, we researched a modern reception and dinner design that showcased a varying range of white tones, sleek florals, and branded enhancements.

IMG_8907To begin, we installed custom wooden cabanas on the Sabal Lawn, adorning each with billowing curtains of gauze, and installed chandeliers overhead that would illuminate the dining scene after sunset. These were secured with a lighting technician, to ensure that any late spring breezes would not sway the lighting and that the installation was safely secured. Special power drops for the lawn were also organized to illuminate the chandeliers, with overhead strands of lighting that maximized the appeal of the dinner scene. As the evening deepened from golden hour into the luxurious blues of a star-filled night, the glittering chandeliers of the cabanas illuminated a textural diningscape.



IMG_8737Beneath each cabana were modern interpretations of farm-style dining tables. The slatted wooden tones of these tables emulated the exact wood stain of the cabana frames to create a cohesive ambiance. Utilizing the latest releases for table décor, geometric silver placemats glistened on the table, along with ikat patterned table runners. Silver flatware and mercury glass votive candles continued the metallic accents of the design. Local floral arrangements were placed in mirrored geometric vases, both continuing the geometric motif from the placements and also ensuring that as overhead lighting illuminated the lawn after dark, the sparkling crystal of the chandeliers would be reflected on the tables. Additionally, we included eco-friendly floral options into the cut floral arrangements, showcasing the natural beauty of Florida’s fauna with air plants and succulents nestled into white sand-filled orbs.  

Each guest’s place setting was both luxurious and branded along with custom clings for the evening’s hosts, incorporating a subtle brand showcase into the dining experience.

IMG_8711       IMG_8756

Functioning as both a place card and gift for guests to take home at the end of the evening, a final touch was added just before the guests arrived. Working with a local wire artist, CSI created wire name cards for each attendee. The swirling shapes standing on their own at the top of the geometric placements created a wonderful personal touch that beautifully tied in with the colors of the design.