Denver Spotlight: Fresh Take on Flight

Welcome to Flight Club, a dynamic venue situated in the heart of Denver, a city known for its laid-back vibe and pioneering spirit. Flight Club has reshaped event experiences by taking guests on a tech-infused journey into the realm of Social Darts. The classic game takes a backseat here, replaced by a tech-savvy haven that boasts cutting-edge digital scoring systems and integrated displays for branding or sponsor recognition. With the capacity to accommodate groups of various sizes or a takeover for up to 500 people, Flight Club is the perfect choice for your next corporate event.


And let's talk about the food! Flight Club is also a culinary haven, partnering with our local CSI DMC team in Denver to provide guests with a culinary experience tailored to your event's unique flavor. Guests will savor dishes that blend local and international influences, taking your taste buds on a delightful journey, perfectly complementing Flight Club's playful spirit.

Flight Club Food

Our local team knows how to make the most of Flight Club’s offerings for your next corporate gathering, whether it's a small gathering or a larger celebration. We prioritize creating an atmosphere that is both innovative and approachable, ensuring that everyone feels at ease.

Flight Club is just one of many great venues in Denver, and there are always new and exciting additions to the Mile Hile City! Connect with our talented local team of Destination Experts in Denver to explore venues that may suit your specific event needs!