Colorado Springs Spotlight: Culinary Harmony at HOMA

Located in the center of downtown Colorado Springs, on the ground level of the luxurious Kinship Landing boutique hotel, is HOMA. This culinary oasis is dedicated to promoting global harmony through a delectable fusion of international traditions and locally sourced ingredients. The name HOMA, pronounced as "ho-mah," embodies the essence of this restaurant's understated elegance, where natural elements and greenery create a serene atmosphere for an immersive dining experience.

HOMA Food Colorado Springs

For those seeking a hidden gem, our local team loves to create unique events within The Greenhaus. This picturesque space is drenched in natural light, providing an uplifting backdrop that perfectly complements our locally inspired event designs. With a capacity for up to 70 people, The Greenhaus is the perfect spot for boutique gatherings and VIP celebrations.

Greenhaus HOMA Colorado Springs

At the heart of HOMA lies a culinary adventure, featuring customized craft menus and cocktails that artfully blend worldly flavors with fresh Colorado influences. Every bite tells a story of harmony, making HOMA a must-visit for those in search of a unique gastronomic experience in Colorado Springs.


Come and discover the magic of HOMA for yourself, or any number of the incredible venues in Colorado Springs! Our talented local team has the scoop and would love to help you find the perfect fit venue to fit your specific event needs!

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