You Know You’re An Event Planner When…

July 8, 2021

How many times have we all let out a big exhale and thought…”oh the life of an event planner,” because we have! Here are some particularly accurate depictions of when you truly know what it is like to be an event planner.

You know you're an event planner when…

You have a “bag of everything” that includes items like a pair of flats, a portable charger, a flash drive, protein bars etc.

Your first thought when walking into a room is: how many people can fit in here for a seated dinner?

You tell people you’re an event planner and they say “that sounds like so much fun,” when in reality, they truly have no idea.

The barista at your coffee shop knows your order by heart.

You have multiple different checklists running at once.

“That’s not my job” doesn’t exist in your vocabulary.

You get excited it’s Friday but then remember… Oh wait, I’m an event planner.

You harp on about how you love spontaneity… as long as it’s carefully planned.

Nightmares consist of no attendees showing up and bad hors d’ oeuvres.

You have 20 other backup plans IF plan A, B, or C does not work.

You can fly around the world with your air miles.

The airport staff knows you by your first name.

A regular 9-5 schedule is a thing of the past.

You dream in excel and spreadsheets.

You feel naked without a clipboard and cellphone in hand.

You juggle five people talking to you all at once wanting answers.

Everything goes wrong and only you notice!

At any event you attend, you can’t help but lend a hand or fix a crooked linen.

You know all the venues in your area inside and out.

You tell yourself that you don’t need to write it down because you will remember it…

Your desk is overflowing with past event swag.


You feel a burst of excitement (and relief) after every successful event and realize how much you love your job because nothing feels quite as fulfilling as a happy client and a strongly executed program.

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