As one of the few events and destination management companies with a distinct Creative Services department, we deeply value innovative, forward thinking. It is integral for us to constantly have our creative juices flowing and challenged. Outlined below are some effective ways we generate creativity throughout our office!


By being such a collaborative company, we are able to bounce ideas off of one another every day. Simply by vocalizing our ideas and hearing our colleagues’ input, we add depth to our brainstorming sessions and create exciting new ideas!


Who doesn’t love a good cup of coffee?  Coffee and tea runs help fuel our creativity, and the quick walk allows us to detach from technology for a few moments to regroup. They are very tasty too!

Staying Trendy

It is important to stay up to date on industry trends so that we offer clients the latest ideas and advancements in the event and destination management world. We achieve this in multiple ways, one of which includes reading diverse source material. This allows us to connect seemingly disparate items and learn about new products entering the market.  Another way we keep on trend is by reading through blogs and browsing websites such as Etsy and Pinterest to see what is new in categories such as design, decor, client gifting, performance acts, and more.

Going Old School

There is nothing as simple and beneficial than opening your notebook and jotting down your raw, unfiltered thoughts on pen & paper. One of our team members mentioned that, “if I have an idea that I can’t quite seem to capture, I’ll just start writing things down in a ‘stream-of-consciousness flow’ to try to get the images from my brain on to the page.”


We’ve discussed the importance of a midday stroll before, but it truly allows our brain to take a break and simply wander wherever it wants to go with uninterrupted thoughts. After we’ve gotten our blood flowing from a mindful walk outside, we come back to our desks feel refreshed and ready to generate more amazing ideas!

Getting Organized

Other colleagues let their minds wander when doing mundane tasks such as washing the dishes or grocery shopping. Staying organized and making lists also helps by allowing our thoughts to exit our minds, thus strengthening our focus. From here, we can pick and choose which are the best.

By maximizing our creativity at CSI, we are able to offer unique and memorable experiences to our clients. We continue to push our creativity to spark innovation and excitement- and by being a trailblazer in our industry, we set the stage for future successes!