Sustainability Pledge

April 18, 2024

CSI DMC's Sustainability Pledge

Commitment Statement:

CSI DMC is dedicated to fostering a future of sustainable events that meet the needs of our clients and support our planet. Guided by a commitment to environmental stewardship and responsible business practices, we strive to lead by example, innovate, inspire change, and deliver meaningful events that minimize our ecological footprint while maximizing positive social impact.

Current Accomplishments and Initiatives

Surveys and Certifications

Comprehensive surveys were conducted to understand our employees' environmental actions in their home office environments and actions within our office environments, which helped provide the basis of an initial Platinum-level certification by the Green Business Benchmark for our commitment to sustainability.

We've undergone an initial, thorough performance assessment administered by Ecovadis, the largest global sustainability ratings solution utilized industry-wide. This evaluation has furnished us with a comprehensive snapshot of our environmental, social, and governance metrics, empowering us with actionable strategies for continuous improvement.

Training and Engagement for Employees

We've established a Sustainability Council within our organization, where employees actively contribute to developing processes and strategies that support our sustainability goals, inspire deeper employee engagement, and help with efforts to create more sustainable events.

We have provided opportunities for nine employees to train and certify as Sustainable Event Planners through the Events Industry Council to meet goals and support education for our team and clients seeking to create more sustainable events. Covered topics including sustainability frameworks, carbon emissions, sustainable event planning, waste management, and supply chain management.

Partnerships with Purpose

Established a partnership with The Food Recovery Network to reduce food waste and redistribute surplus food from events to those in need locally.

Established a Partnership with Trees for Travel to enhance sustainability efforts, support carbon measurement efforts, reforestation initiatives, and carbon offset programs, furthering environmental conservation efforts.

Ongoing Goals for 2024

Expansion of Sustainability Training

Expand sustainability training opportunities for employees to enhance expertise and awareness across the organization.

Playbook for Sustainable Events

Produce a playbook for producing more sustainable events, based on the Events Industry Council and other industry guidelines. Guidelines will include pre-event planning, sustainable venue selection, waste reduction, energy and carbon reduction, and continuous improvement processes.

Fulfill our Carbon Measurement Objectives

By the end of 2024, publish the organization’s pathway to achieve net zero by 2050 at the latest, with an interim target in line with the Paris Agreement’s requirement to reduce global GHG emissions by 50% by 2030.

  • Collaborate with partners, suppliers, and customers to drive change across the value chain.
  • Measure and track our Scope 1 and 2 GHG emissions according to industry best practices.
  • Report on our progress at least every two years.

Community Engagement and Outreach

Strengthen partnerships with organizations like Food Recovery Network and Trees for Travel to enhance community engagement and social impact initiatives.

Zero-Waste Events

Strive towards achieving zero-waste events through improved waste management practices and stakeholder collaboration. Aim to partner on at least two client events to model a Zero-waste approach in 2024.

Transparency and Reporting

Enhance transparency in sustainability reporting and communicate progress towards goals with stakeholders.

Advocacy and Thought Leadership

Actively participate in industry forums and education and advocate for sustainable practices to drive positive change within the events industry.

Sustainability Procurement Guidelines

We are actively developing Sustainability Procurement Guidelines focusing on environmental practices, ethical sourcing, and where applicable, sustainability certifications. Emphasis is on waste reduction, recyclable materials, and support for local eco-friendly suppliers.

Continual Stakeholder Engagement

We will continue to conduct surveys to understand customers' environmental goals, preferences, and compliance needs. Findings will be used as data to shape event operational offerings, consistent with our goal of meeting our client’s needs.

Waste, Water, and Materiality Assessment Systems

We are exploring assessment systems tailored for events to measure and manage resource consumption and waste streams. We will continue collaborating with vendors and partners to codify sustainable practices and optimize waste reduction and segregation. By pursuing these goals and building upon our current initiatives, we are committed to creating a more sustainable future within the events industry and positively impacting the communities we serve and the environment we share.


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