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We love working with repeat clients! But when Miami hosted its first-ever Formula 1 event, what felt like a normal program with transportation and dining experiences quickly became a fueled-up venue sourcing challenge!

As almost the entire city shut down for the much-anticipated racing event, our local CSI DMC team went to work contacting restaurants utilized in the past only to find that they were all booked. The team got creative, sourcing untested options. After some diligent site visits, the team fell in love with the enterprising new venues and so did the client! To ensure a VIP-level experience, the team got to work jazzing up space by bringing in custom décor, musicians, and local vendors. Everyone knew it was a success when our client's CEO happily hit the dance floor!

Transportation was in high demand, and the team collaborated with partners throughout Florida to make sure all 150 guests were seamlessly transferred between restaurants and the race. Our client was relieved and impressed by our local team's creativity and proactivity. It felt like a winning formula!


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