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We knew it would be an intriguing program when 3,000 students, teachers, professors, moderators, and stakeholders worldwide hit Vegas for a four-day, fascinating educational summit. Many were firsttime visitors to Las Vegas, and CSI DMC was charged with creating five deeply technical educational tour programs focused on project management and logistics.

Our local team got creative and connected with some of Vegas' most compelling entertainment and educational venues. Creating unique experiences from scratch required a persuasive case, many calls, and lots of logistics. When venues like the Keep Memory Alive Center, Hoover Dam, and the Downtown Entertainment Center agreed to the proposition, the CSI DMC team knew it was going to be big news. Retaining the integrity of the learning experience and program logistics was particularly challenging, as word got out. Excitement about the curated tours was palpable. Ultimately, our client was so taken with the unique experience they had at the Keep Memory Alive Center that they provided a gift that would be forever placed in the Sponsorship and Donor Garden.


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