From Fenway Park To Foodie Tours


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The goal of this week-long program was to provide a memorable experience for 300 top-performing, high-level executives. CSI DMC was responsible for transportation, custom group activities, dinner reservations, and meeting management. It was a busy, challenging time in Boston, and resources were limited. The CSI DMC Boston team got to work and delivered a series of Boston-themed events using their local expertise in collaboration with local vendors.

Tours galore! From a freedom trail tour to a liberty star boat tour to a tasty foodie tour, the client got to experience Boston "'like a local." Knowing the city traffic patterns, CSI managed 15-20 group transfers daily, safely moving the client to numerous activities in record time.

Because of the program's complexity and profile, the team escalated internal education to ensure full-time and contracted staff was well versed in every activity detail. The result? While at the Red Sox game at Fenway Park, the CEO (not a natural baseball fan) divulged he had the most enjoyable night because of the thoughtful enhancements, and multiple senior leaders shared their 5-star rating on a "seamless and enjoyable experience.


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